Some of the solutions that are already here.

British Columbia’s carbon tax

For seven years, the Canadian province of British Columbia has had a carbon tax. It is, on its own terms, a resounding success — carbon emissions are falling even as the economy continues to grow.

Stop a billion-dollar gift to the palm oil industry!

One of the solutions is to stop buying products with palm oil in them. And especially to not subsidize them.

3 numbers that explain what we have to do

2° Celsius, 565 Gigatons and 2,795 Gigatons tell us that we have to leave 80% of the fossil fuels in the ground.

Oil’s swoon creates the opening for a carbon tax

Why the case for carbon taxes has long been compelling.

How to stop global warming, in 7 steps

Avoiding drastic warming may mean zeroing out fossil-fuel emissions by 2100.

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