Here’s a few articles that show the major impact of global warming.

Drought Weakens the Amazon’s Ability to Capture Carbon

During drought, trees across the Amazon continue to stretch their limbs. But they shirk one of their more important, planet-saving tasks: inhaling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Brazil faces water rationing amid worst drought in 84 years

Brazil is struggling to supply enough water to its 200 million people, amid the worst drought in 84 years.

New Siberian Sink Holes Found in the Permafrost

The warmer climate is the driver of the process. Commenting on the situation, Alexei Portnov at Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrrate, Climate and Environment (CAGE) says that a sea temperature increase of two degrees “will accelerate the thawing to the extreme”, and subsequently boost methane emissions.

California’s Drought “Worst In 1,200 Years”

Tree-ring samples from blue oak trees in southern and central California testify to the severity of the drought that has recently afflicted the region.

Nasa climate study warns of unprecedented North American drought

A new study led by Benjamin Cook at Nasa GISS examines how drought intensity in North America will change in a hotter world, and finds that things will only get worse.

South African firefighters battle blaze on Cape Town mountains

Such fires are common in the area from November to May, when weather conditions are hot and windy, but it has been hotter than usual in recent weeks.


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