Global Warming in Headlines

Putting it to you straight!

Main cause

The indisputable rise in temperature is mainly caused by:

CO2 emissions

There are other greenhouse gasses out there, but the warming property, it’s lifespan and the amount of emissions make CO2 the main culprit of global warming.


What happens if we do nothing and continue business as usual?

Temperature rise

Temperature could rise by 4°C (7°F) this century. 1

Sea level rise

10m (30ft) of sea level rise is possible by 2500 with most of it already locked in. 1  2

Ocean life destruction

Large reduction in biodiversity and sea life. Large scale collapse of most coral reefs.

Food supply decrease

Food production can decrease by 50% this century. 1

Rainforest collapse

The Amazon rainforest could face a massive die off this century. 1  2  3  4


So how can we prevent this?


Stop using fossil fuels and use alternatives like solar and wind.

Energy Efficiency

Renewables will only work if we drastically reduce our energy consumption.

Building Insulation

Improve building insulation against cold and heat.

Material Efficiency

We need to abandon our throw away society. Key words are reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.

Regenerative organic agriculture

Agriculture needs to stop using artificial fertilizer and use carbon sequestration practices.

More Trees and Forests

We need more trees and forests for nature and carbon storage. Use the wood for construction.


We need to reduce distances, live closer to work, buy more local products and use local materials.

Carbon pricing

We all have to pitch in here, it can’t be done voluntarily. To make the above possible we have to put a price on carbon pollution which is given back to the public in a neutral way.

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